Heroic exploits, love for his country, land and patriotism are clearly visible to all who lived during the war. Today, in peacetime, it is difficult to show your love for your country. But I love my Motherland. And what do I put into the meaning of this word?

My Homeland is the country where I was born, learned to walk and developed. Motherland is the language I speak. It is the President who does everything to make it easier for me and other people, the population of our country, to live better.

My Motherland is a feat of heroes who died and survived when defending our country during the country. They gave all the most valuable things that they had so that we, their children, descendants lived and valued our Motherland, country.

My Homeland is first and foremost my family, my family. There is no one more precious than my parents, brother and sister, I love them very much. But for me the family is not limited only to my close relatives. My forefathers are also my family.

Motherland is the whole society around me. My friends and classmates, teachers, neighbors. How would I live alone if there weren’t all those people, the things that surround me everywhere? It’s a shopkeeper in front of my house, a janitor, a homeless man who digs through trash cans, animals and nature.

What do I do for my homeland? First of all, my task is to grow up to be a worthy man, so that not only am I proud of my country, but also my country can be proud of me. And to do that, we need to learn. Only education and knowledge can lead me to the point where parents and their generation can trust me with responsibility, and in the future, perhaps, to the management of the country. Even if it is indirect, but the judicial system, medicine, trade are all part of the country, and therefore have an impact on the development of my country.

I respect people’s work, and therefore I do not throw away garbage, and even vice versa, I throw away garbage that falls on my way and in my power to take it away. I help my parents to plant flowers in the yard, trees in spring, to make my yard and the street beautiful, ennobled and well-groomed.

Everything that surrounds me in my life is my homeland. And you have to be careful about your life, environment, people, animals, nature. And it means that you have to take care of your Motherland. Motherland is my life

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