Man and nature are one and the same. Just as people depend on nature, nature depends on people and it is important to achieve harmony in these relationships.

We get a lot from nature for life – water, food, light, minerals and other sources of life, without which mankind can not do without. But what does nature get in return for its precious gifts?

With the development of society and civilization, we take more and more of nature, giving it nothing in return. New enterprises are being built, cities are growing, new technologies are being invented, but people don’t think that nature needs to be protected, because everything it gives us is not eternal. We almost do not care about how much emissions go into the atmosphere from the factories, we litter the rivers with sewage waste, and how much damage fertilizer brings to fertile soils! Deforestation has led to climate change and global warming. Poachers kill valuable animals. The damage caused to the human environment cannot be counted.

Our harmful attitude towards nature has led to an increase in the number of natural disasters. Floods, hurricanes, droughts, tornadoes, fires and other negative phenomena are increasingly affecting our planet.

Often, people leave garbage behind while relaxing in nature. How many plastic bottles and household waste can be seen off the banks of rivers, all of which lead to a reduction in the supply of clean fresh water. How much damage is caused to the nature by smoke from burning leaves and plastic in the bonfires.

You have to think about all this and start loving nature and protecting it. The nature is generous and kind to people. But people should also become kinder to it and give something in return for its generosity. By cutting down forests, we must plant new trees, build waste processing plants and treatment facilities, achieve minimum emissions into the atmosphere, clean up after rest, and fight poachers.

To turn to nature, we just need to go for a walk and look around, thinking about how beautiful the world is at any time of year and in any weather. We walk on the ground, above us the sky, around trees and flowers. It snows in winter, rains in summer, leaves fall from trees in autumn and gardens bloom in spring. We just live, breathe air and it’s wonderful. It’s all by nature. Let’s take care of it!

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